Affordable Therapy Toronto

Affordable Therapy Toronto

More Places to Find Low Cost Therapy in Toronto

Therapists who list their services with us dedicate a certain number of spots in their practice for those who would really like someone to talk to, but require lower cost services or reduced rates.

To search for a therapist offering Low Cost and Sliding Scale Rates on our directory, use the button below

Below are some other options for accessing Affordable and Low Cost Counselling in Toronto and across Ontario.


Gestalt Institute of Toronto’s Student Clinic – Students In Training, Fee: $40

Toronto Institute of Relational Therapy – Students In Training, Fee: $25-$80

The Create Institute – Students In Training, Fee: $40


Hard Feelings – Lower Cost Therapists / Social Enterprise, Fee: $60-$80

We are still building this list! 

If you know of an organization where folks can access therapy at reduced cost, please let us know so we can add it 🙂


Who We Are

The Affordable Therapy Network was founded in 2016 out of Toronto, Ontario, to help bridge a gap in Mental Health Care accessibility. The development of the project has been an ongoing a collaboration with service users, peers, and professionals.

We started as a Grassroots initiative with a small number of therapists listed across Toronto, and have grown a lot since then! 

We take user feedback to heart and continuously strive to make the Network as accessible and relevant as possible.  We welcome your feedback.

Feedback and Inquiries:

Katie McCowan, RSSW
Founder, Director