Counselling in Halifax, NS

The Affordable Therapy Network has lots of online therapy options available in Halifax with therapists who provide sliding scale and lower cost rates.

To Help Streamline You Search, Online Therapists available in Halifax are listed Below

If you’d like to search for a counsellor by expertise, modalities, and community served, please head over to our main Online Therapist page.  If you are looking for in person support, you can instead visit our In Person page where you can search for a therapist who practices in Halifax, or other cities in Nova Scotia.

How To Find A Therapist - Halifax, Nova Scotia

When looking for a therapist, first consider what your needs are.  Consider things such as affordability, training, lived experience, availability, and anything else that is important to you.  For example, are you comfortable with online therapy?  Or are you specifically looking for in person support. 

Many people prefer to work with a therapist who has specialized experience in what they are looking for.  This might come in the form of specialized training or lived experience.  Whatever the issue is, always start with a consultation.  This is your opportunity to get a feel for the therapist and ask any questions that are important to you.  If it doesn’t quite feel right, set up a consultation with someone else.

We have a large number of Counsellors available in Halifax and the surrounding area for online therapy (anywhere in Nova Scotia), and a smaller selection for in person therapy.  Our counsellors come from a wide variety of backgrounds and you can use our main directory to do a search for an online counsellors who meet your needs.  If you are looking specifically for counselling in person in your city/town, use this link to find them.

If you are in crisis and in need of urgent support, please call 911 or visit your nearest hospital.  You can also try the following help lines and resources:

Kids Help Phone- https://kidshelpphone.ca/

Non-emergency link to mental health resources- https://811.novascotia.ca/

Therapy Assistance Online – Therapy Assistance Online

Good2Talk Nova Scotia provides support for all post-secondary students in this difficult time.

  • Call toll-free: 1-833-292-3698
  • Text GOOD2TALKNS to 686868


Wishing you all the best on your journey and hope you find what you are looking for!