Therapist FAQ

FAQ For Therapists

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Who is eligible to list with ATN?

  1. Therapists who are registered with a Regulatory College in Canada
  2. Masters Students (or equivalent) practicing under supervision
  3. Therapists with equivalent training who work out of non-regulated provinces (proof of training required)

* If you aren’t sure you meet our eligibility criteria, please send us an email outlining your training and credentials before you set up a subscription.

* Credentials must be from an institution that is accredited within Canada.


Individual Listing Policy - (we do not list clinics)

Please understand that we only list individual practitioners (those who will be providing the service) and do not list clinics or clinic representatives advertising on behalf of their clinicians. 
Based on user feedback, we’ve created this policy to provide full transparency to our users, give site users the chance to learn about their potential practitioner during their search with us, and ensure that clients connect with the individual practitioner that they have specifically chosen. 
Further, this policy fosters equitable opportunity and visibility for all individual practitioners listed on the Affordable Therapy Network.
Individual Listing Policy:
  • All listings and listing content must represent the advertised practitioner
  • Any and all services and fees mentioned are made with the intention that those services will be provided by the advertised practitioner
  • If we have reason to believe this policy is not being adhered to, your profile may need to be removed
For more details on this policy, please see our Terms of Use.

How many clients should I expect to hear from?

This is a common question so we have created a page that goes more in depth on the matter.  To learn more, click on this link.

How does the listing order work?

By default the therapist listing order is completely randomized and every therapist will appear in a different position for each new visitor.  Periodically the listing will adjust therapist visibility in an effort to ensure all practitioners are seen as equally as possible.

The number one factor that affects how often of you will be found by clients is not the listing order, but instead the checkboxes you have selected under Community Focus, Issues, and Modalities.  The photo you use is also a very important factor.

Why is the Low Cost rate $65 or less and is it mandatory?

$65 is the low cost rate we have set to ensure that our site serves its intended purpose of providing more and better options for those who need them. 

We fully understand that not everyone can offer this rate, and you are not required to offer this rate to join the site – it’s completely optional.  While many folks who use the site require the low cost rate, there also many who are able to access sliding scale rates.

How do I decide who is eligible for my Low-Cost spots?

It’s up to you to decide how to go about this.

What many practitioners do is let clients know that they have limited spots at the low-cost rate and that they reserve these spots folks who need them. They also let them know that they offer a sliding scale for those who don’t require the low cost rate, but aren’t able to access their full rate.

Some practitioners set an income threshold while others simply have clients self identify their need and take them at their word.

How many Low-Cost/Sliding Scale spots should I offer?

This is totally up to you.

Some therapists keep a set number of spots available at any given time, and others run their entire practice on a sliding scale basis.

There are lots of factors to consider, so do what makes the most sense for your needs.

You can close your low-cost or sliding scale spots at any time during your listing and stay available for full paying clients only. 

How do I close my Low-Cost or Sliding Scale rates?

When a certain fee slot is no longer available, you’ll need to login and uncheck the relevant box.  You will also need to delete that rate from your profile or indicate that it is “currently full” in the comment area.

Can I limit the number of sessions per client at the Low-Cost rate?

This is your practice so do what works for you.

Please take some time to consider your needs around (and make clear to clients) any limitations you have around the number of sessions you can offer at a reduced rate.

It’s a good idea to have a policy in place if you’d prefer to limit these sessions. 

Can I change my picture, profile information, or other content during my listing?


The vast majority of changes can be made through your login.  Items such as your Name, and Photo will need to be submitted to admins for approval.

Email Admin:

Why is there a fee for listing?

  • Listing fees ensure that the Affordable Therapy Network stays accountable and attentive to the needs of listed therapists and clients.
  • Fees ensure that our listed therapists keep their profile active, up to date, and cancel when they are no longer using it thus preventing over-saturation of therapists.
  • Fees promote a positive client experience by helping to reduce irrelevant/outdated content.
  • Your fees support the ongoing labor required to keep the site running as smoothly as possible. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

Option 1 – You can do this yourself:

PayPal – PayPal provides you with the ability to cancel at any time (it’s a bit tricky in PayPal, you are welcome to email us and we can do it for you).

Stripe – Your invoice emails contain a link that takes you to a customer portal where you can cancel at any time.

Option 2 – Let us do it for you:

Email us a cancellation request that includes:

1. The name of the Therapist whose account you wish to cancel (or your name, if it’s you)

2. The name used on your Payment account

We are attentive to our emails and can process cancellations within 3 days (usually sooner) – no questions asked, but feedback is always welcome!


Cancellation/Refund Policy:

  • We cannot provide refunds for your initial payment period, regardless of whether the full term is used
  • Pro-rated refunds (by month) for renewals of 3 months or more can be provided – a 10% processing fee of the full payment amount applies
  • All payments are subscription based and you will be charged on a recurring basis until cancellation