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How many clients should I expect to hear from?

This is a common question so we have created a page specifically for this question.  The short version is below, but for greater insight into what to expect and how to optimize your results, click here.

Affordable Therapy services are in high demand and the website is very busy. While the site is highly visited, therapists listed with us often have very different experiences.  Some therapists get flooded with requests (some reporting over 10 inquiries per week), and others have inquires trickle in much more slowly.  A good ballpark range to expect is 1-2 inquiries per week, but this is different for everyone.

How do I decide who is eligible for my Low-Cost spots?

Everyone runs their practice a little differently, so it’s completely up to you how you decide to go about this.

What many therapists do is let clients know that they have limited spots at the Low-Cost Rate and that they reserve these spots folks who need them. They also let them know that they offer a Sliding Scale for folks who don’t require the low cost rate, but aren’t able to access their full rate.

Some therapists set an income threshold to help make this process more clear, while others simply have clients self identify their need and take them at their word.

How many Low-Cost/Sliding Scale spots should I offer?

This is totally up to you.

Some therapists keep a set number of spots available at any given time, and others run their entire practice on a Sliding Scale basis.

There are lots of factors to consider, so do what makes the most sense for your needs.

You can close your Low-Cost or Sliding-Scale spots at any time during your listing and stay available for full paying clients only.  While many folks who use the site require a reduced rate, others use the site because they appreciate it’s accessibility and are able to access therapists standard rates.

Can I limit the number of sessions per client at the Low-Cost rate?

Definitely.  This is your practice so do what works for you.

Please take some time to consider your needs around (and make clear to clients) any limitations you have around the number of sessions you can offer at a reduced rate.

Some therapists do not put any limit on these, while others limit Low-Cost sessions to anywhere between 6-12 sessions so that they can open up their spots to other folks who might need them.

It’s a good idea to have a policy in place if you’d prefer to limit these sessions.  You might keep a strict policy that clearly states your limit, or you may have a more flexible policy that includes the possibility of extending these sessions based on your clients needs and progress at a given date.

How do I close my Low-Cost or Sliding Scale rates?

Simply send us an email and we will make the necessary changes. Our administrator is active on the site daily and in most cases is able to make these changes within 24 hours.

Email Katie:

Can I change my picture, profile information, or other content during my listing?


You can always send us any revisions or changes you need. 

For changes to your bio, send us a fully revised version that we can copy and paste to ensure that everything is exactly as you want it.  For other changes, just let us know what you need changed and we will make the updates.

Email Katie:

If my practice fills up, should I cancel my Subscription?

We find that due to the fluctuating nature of this business most therapists prefer to stay with us long term, even when their practice fills up.

It has been our experience that therapists practices usually remain full for about a month or two, and as a result of various changes (in either therapist availability or client reduction), they end up opening up their availability on and off again throughout their listing.

When your practice fills up, we will indicate on your profile that you are “currently full”. This way when when some spots do become available we can easily open your availability back up again so that you can find some new folks to work with.

If you do find that it makes more sense for you to cancel, you can do so at any time after your initial payment period is up.

Can I switch my Subscription Plan?

Sometimes therapists start off with the 3 Month Plan to see how the site works for them, and then decide to stay longer.  The 1 Year Plan is significantly more cost effective so we understand that you might want to switch.

After your initial payment period is up, we can switch you over to the new plan.  We will simply cancel your current subscription and ask you to set up your new one.

Email Katie:

Why is there a fee for listing?

The development and maintenance of the site has required lot of work over the years and incurs significant labor and material costs. 

In 2016 we started as a small Grassroots project using a simple website to help get folks connected with more Affordable Therapy options across Toronto.  By 2020 our website had grown a lot!  We now reach folks seeking affordable support across all of Canada.

In 2020 our website needed a significant upgrade (adding a database and search features) to keep it functional and accessible.  We have now on-boarded a web-developer/system administrator to help keep things functioning smoothly. 

Our administrators are active on the site daily communicating with new therapists, site users, listening to feedback, incorporating changes, and taking care of all the back-end technical stuff.

Your fees support the continued costs and labor required to keep the site running and to make it as visible and accessible as possible.