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FAQ For Therapists

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How many clients should I expect to hear from?

This is a common question so we have created a page that goes more in depth on the matter.  To learn more, click on this link.

How does the listing order work?

By default the therapist listing order is completely randomized and every therapist will appear in a different position for each new visitor.  Periodically the therapist listing will adjust in an effort to ensure all practitioners are seen as equally as possible.

The number one factor that affects how often of you will be found by clients is not the listing order, but instead the checkboxes you have selected under Community Focus, Issues, and Modalities.

Why is the Low Cost rate set at $65 or less?

$65 is the low cost rate we have set to ensure that our site serves its intended purpose of providing more and better options for those who need it. 

We fully understand that not everyone can offer this rate, and you are not required to offer this rate to join the site – it’s completely optional.  While many folks who use the site require the low cost rate, there also many who are able to access sliding scale rates.

How do I decide who is eligible for my Low-Cost spots?

Everyone runs their practice a little differently and it’s completely up to you how you decide to go about this.

What many practitioners do is let clients know that they have limited spots at the low-cost rate and that they reserve these spots folks who need them. They also let them know that they offer a sliding scale for folks who don’t require the low cost rate, but aren’t able to access their full rate.

Some practitioners set an income threshold to help make this process more clear, while others simply have clients self identify their need and take them at their word.

How many Low-Cost/Sliding Scale spots should I offer?

This is totally up to you.

Some therapists keep a set number of spots available at any given time, and others run their entire practice on a sliding scale basis.

There are lots of factors to consider, so do what makes the most sense for your needs.

You can close your low-cost or sliding scale spots at any time during your listing and stay available for full paying clients only. 

Can I limit the number of sessions per client at the Low-Cost rate?

Definitely.  This is your practice so do what works for you.

Please take some time to consider your needs around (and make clear to clients) any limitations you have around the number of sessions you can offer at a reduced rate.

Some therapists do not put any limit on these, while others limit low-cost sessions to anywhere between 6-12 sessions so that they can open up their spots to other folks who might need them.

It’s a good idea to have a policy in place if you’d prefer to limit these sessions.  You might keep a strict policy that clearly states your limit, or you may have a more flexible policy that includes the possibility of extending these sessions based on your clients needs and progress at a given date.

How do I close my Low-Cost or Sliding Scale rates?

We have recently created a therapist portal so that therapists can log in and make edits to their profiles at any time.  We are rolling this out as of mid-March, 2022 and are on-boarding small numbers of folks at a time to ensure everything is working smoothly.

In the meantime, if you need any changes, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we will make them as soon as possible.

Email Admin:

Can I change my picture, profile information, or other content during my listing?


We have recently created a therapist portal so that therapists can log in and make edits to their profiles at any time.  We are rolling this out as of mid-March, 2022 and are on-boarding small numbers of folks at a time to ensure everything is working smoothly.

Certain items such as your Name, Province(s), and Photo will need to be submitted to admins for approval.

Email Admin:

If my practice fills up, should I cancel my Subscription?

It’s completely up to you.  We find that due to the fluctuating nature of this business most therapists prefer to stay with us long term and simply adjust their availability as they go along.

You can indicate on your profile that you are currently full or that you have a wait-list at any time.  This way when when some spots do become available you can easily open your availability back up and find some new folks to work with.

If you do find that it makes more sense for you to cancel, you can do so at any time after your initial payment period is up.

Individual Listing Policy - (we do not list clinics)

Please understand that we only list individual practitioners (those who will be providing the service) and do not list clinics or clinic representatives advertising on behalf of their clinicians. 
Based on user feedback, we’ve created this policy to provide full transparency to our users, give site users the chance to learn about their potential practitioner during their search with us, and ensure that clients connect with the individual practitioner that they have specifically chosen. 
Further, this policy fosters equitable opportunity and visibility for all individual practitioners listed on the Affordable Therapy Network.
Individual Listing Policy:
  • All listings and listing content must represent the advertised practitioner
  • Any and all services and fees mentioned are made with the intention that those services will be provided by the advertised practitioner
  • If we have reason to believe this policy is not being adhered to, your profile may need to be removed

Why is there a fee for listing?

  • Your fees support the labor required to keep the site running as smoothly as possible.  This includes ongoing maintenance, IT support, administration, advertising, research, development, and public outreach.
  • Fees ensure that our listed therapists keep their profile active, up to date, and cancel when they are no longer using it.  This helps to ensure a positive client/user experience by reducing irrelevant or misleading content and preventing over-saturation of therapists.
  • Listing fees ensure that the Affordable Therapy Network stays accountable and attentive to the needs of listed therapists as well as clients who use the site.

How do I cancel my subscription?

PayPal provides you with full ability to cancel at any time. 

We realize that PayPal isn’t very user friendly at times, so please feel free to email admin and we’ll be happy to cancel for you.  No pressure, no questions asked (however, we always welcome feedback).

We are attentive to our emails and can usually process cancellations within 24 hours. 


Cancellation/Refund Policy:
  • We provide pro-rated refunds (by month) any time after your initial listing period is complete (less the 3.1 % transaction fee charged by PayPal)
  • Refunds cannot be provided for your initial payment period