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Our Mission

The Affordable Therapy Network is an initiative to serve the needs of an overwhelmingly large population of people who would benefit from therapeutic support, but can’t afford it.  It serves a dual purpose of supporting the visibility and web-presence of psychotherapists, counsellors, or other practitioners offering their support services across Canada.

The Affordable Therapy Network is an initiative based on the Social Enterprise Model aimed towards increasing the social good.

Expanding across Canada

As of Mid-November 2020, we have begun our expansion of the Network from it’s Ontario-based home to reach Provinces across Canada.

We are offering incentives for therapists located in Provinces outside of Ontario to promote the growth of the site as the site gains visibility across Canada.  These incentives include accommodated (reduced) listing fees and free group listings.

Our hope is to help clients from all across Canada connect with support that is within their means.  If you are a therapist from outside of Ontario, we would love to hear from you.

About Low-Cost and Sliding Scale Rates

The low-cost rate is in place in order to serve the mission of our site, reduce the stigma of financial barriers, and provide an option for those who would otherwise not be able to access therapy. 

While some clients who use our site require the low-cost rate (and we thank you for offering that!), many simply require an alternative to standard rates and are able to easily access our therapists sliding-scale fees.

Listing Fees

We are a self-funded Social Enterprise and therefor charge a listing fee to support the efforts and costs associated with running the website. 

Comparable initiatives in Canada receive their funding in several ways; by collecting a portion of session fees, charging fees for use of office space, charging therapists a fee for each referral, or charging clients a membership fee.  Our model uses a monthly fee approach. 

  • The Standard Listing Fee is $22-$28 per month (varies by plan).  A three month commitment is requested.
  • Incentive (reduced) listing fees are available for therapists outside Ontario as we expand the site across Canada – get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!
Accommodated fees are available on a case by case basis for those with financial need.


How to Get Listed

Send an Email to Katie McCowan:

Please include:

  1.  Your Name and Designation as a Therapist
  2.  Your License # and Regulatory College
  3.  If Pre-Licensed, include the name and License # of your Supervisor, a copy of your Liability Insurance, and clarify the capacity in which you practice.
  4.  A Bio/Profile that we can review for use on your profile
  5.  A Photo for use on your profile (high resolution works best)

Once we verify your information we will send you a form with all the checkboxes and categories we need to complete your listing.

Our Verification Process:

  • If you are currently registered with a Regulatory College you will be approved upon verifying your status on the registry.
  • Students working under the supervision of Regulated Practitioners will be approved.  Transparency about your status as a student is required in your listing.

*We accept Pre-Licensed Practitioners (other than students) on a case by
case basis depending on a variety of factors.  Proof of insurance and
certificates of training are required (send them along with your application).

Thank you for listing with us!

We are excited to hear feedback about your experience with The Affordable Therapy Network of Toronto, and hope it brings you many new opportunities

Who We are

The Affordable Therapy Network was founded by Social Service Worker, Katie McCowan, in 2016 out of Toronto, Ontario, to help bridge a gap in Mental Health Care accessibility. The development of the project has been an ongoing a collaboration with service users, peers, and professionals.

We started as a Grassroots initiative with a small number of therapists listed across Toronto, and have grown a lot since then!  We take user feedback to heart and continuously strive to make the Network as accessible as possible.

Feedback and Inquiries:

Katie McCowan, RSSW
Founder, Director