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Your listing fee supports the costs of maintaining the website, as well as the ongoing administration efforts required to keep the site functioning and relevant. 

Thank you so much for supporting the project and helping folks to get connected with the support they need.

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1 Year Subscription

You have heard great feedback about the the Network, feel passionate about our mission, and want to use us as one of your primary advertising sources.

$19.46 / month

$233.63 + HST

Total: $264

Recurs Every Year Until Cancellation

6 Month Subscription

You might be in the early stages of building your practice and are looking for a boost as you gain experience, make new connections and support folks who need you.

$22.13 / month

$132.78 + HST

Total: $150

Recurs Every 6 Months Until Cancellation

3 Month Subscription

Most therapists stay with us long term, but If you are wanting to try out the site without having to make a long term commitment, this might be the right plan for you. 

$24.78 / month

$74.34 + HST

Total: $84

Recurs Every 3 Months Until Cancellation

* 4 or 5 month Student Internship listings are available at the $22.13 + HST monthly rate, payable by e-transfer in advance of the listing term.

* For accommodated fee or out of province options email our administrator:

Payment / Cancellation Policy

Cancellations can be done easily from your  your PayPal account, or email admin and we can do it for you.

Refunds will be honored for cancellations made within 7 days after each payment period is complete less a 3.1 % transaction fee.

We honor extenuating circumstances for early cancellations (pro-rated refunds) at any time after your initial payment period is complete less a 3.1 % transaction fee.

You can switch plans at any time after your initial payment period is complete- email admin.

Alternative payment plans are considered on a case by case basis.

If any issues arise during your listing with us, we wholeheartedly welcome you to reach out. 

We are invested in this project, are open to feedback, and will work with you ensure your experience on The Affordable Therapy Network is as awesome as possible.

Katie McCowan