Lisa Wilder

Life is not a straightforward path, nor is it an easy one, it is filled with many twists and turns and ups and downs.  At each point, whether it is one that has us rising or falling, there is change to navigate, and opportunities to harness our own personal strengths to help us excel and live our best lives possible. You are your own best expert on your life.  My job, to empower and guide you to find solutions that are best for you and your circumstances, without judgement.  It is not about what I believe to be right or wrong, but what you feel is most right for you to live your most authentic and happy life, while being mindful of the impacts of your decisions. Whether you are dealing with loss and grief, an identity crisis, or in the throes of a major life transition, with compassion, kindness, and a trauma focused lens, I will guide you towards the self-understanding and self-awareness that is needed to regain your footing and get you back on track to live your best life possible. Please note that I have also done specific culture based training to work with people in the Indigenous World (Indigenous Focusing-Oriented Therapy), and also have done my level 2 training in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).   Both of these forms of training can ease the emotions when working with Trauma.

Pinar Sungur

I’m a registered psychotherapist (qualifying), residing in Toronto.  My pronouns are she/her.

I support adult individuals navigating challenging phases of their lives, going through a journey of self-discovery and growth. Some areas my practice focus on are ADHD, LGBTQ2IA+, trauma, racial and cultural identity, life transitions, and relational difficulties.

In our therapeutic alliance, I am committed to provide a safe and welcoming space, utilizing a a trauma-informed, strenghts -based and a humanistic approach.

Sabrina Sbarzella

Welcome. I am a trauma-informed Registered Provisional Psychologist and Certified Art Therapist who offers individual, couples, and group therapy both in-person and online. I have worked with folks experiencing trauma, anxiety, depression, life stressors, family and relationship issues, substance use, self-harm, and identity development.

To learn more, reach out to book a free 15-minute consultation today.