Jenna Street


Spiritual & consciousness awakenings can be very messy, destabilizing and disorienting at first – appearing as anxiety, depression, chronic pain and more. Our current events are intensifying these experiences and are accelerating the call for us to step into our personal healing and transformation. If you are an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person, you are feeling this even stronger. My Counselling practice specializes in guiding and supporting you during this difficult transition. Together, we develop the tools to help you navigate and overcome any limiting beliefs or blocks which are keeping you stuck, lost or in pain.

Working with a holistic approach to mental wellness, we widen the scope to examine the multitude of forces at play in your personal development and current circumstances. Along with traditional understandings of modern psychology, my work is informed by a wide array of spiritual beliefs and experiences, holding space for cross-cultural and animist perspectives.

You have innate wisdom within you and are learning to embody your purpose. What you are experiencing now is a natural part of the regenerative process of awakening and stepping into sovereignty. Your mental wellness and spiritual wholeness are necessary in the world at this moment. It is an honour for me to work as a guide on your healing journey.

If you would like to learn more about myself and my counselling philosophies, please visit my website:

Please note: I am not certified to work with individuals experiencing psychosis. If this is part of your experience, I can support you with spiritual counselling, provided you are also working with a Registered Psychotherapist/Psychologist or Psychiatrist. Thank you for understanding.

Teresa Frampton


Teresa is an empathic, kind, and nonjudgmental counsellor who is passionate about helping individuals overcome their struggles with mental health, and cultivate the self-compassion needed to help them heal from past traumas. Feelings of stress and anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addiction, and relationship difficulties have feelings of shame and self-criticism at their core. Directing compassion toward ourselves can allow us to feel safe and accepted, and give us the caring motivation to work through our suffering in helpful ways.

Teresa has experience providing counselling services in an acute psychiatric care facility, and is comfortable working with a wide range of presenting issues. Every person is unique, and therefore, Teresa draws on a number of counselling orientations and techniques to fit the person and the particular issues they are facing.

Let me be your ally and walk with you through a journey of self-exploration and healing. I make counselling easy to fit into your busy life with 24/7 online self-scheduling and the ability to access sessions from the comfort of your own home.

Katrina Johnson

My Name is Katrina and I am excited to join the team at Balanced Mind Counselling as a counselling intern, while completing my Master of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology through Yorkville University. I carry with me a commitment to understanding each client’s unique needs, strengths, and goals and exploring together how these continue to shape our experiences and identities.

I firmly believe that the client is the expert of their story and I recognize the importance of therapists and clients working together in a collaborative and supportive space in which to explore any obstacles to growth. As we all have unique experiences and encounters each day that evoke thousands of thoughts, emotions, and reactions, I understand the strength it often takes to unravel and bring attention to these concerns. For this reason, I am dedicated to offering a non-judgmental and safe space in which I will actively listen and work empathetically to support each client on their path towards personal development.

I am passionate about working with individuals experiencing any type of conflict, stressors, anxiety, or challenges and I look forward to working alongside you through active listening, discussion, identifying patterns, develop coping strategies, and problem solving.