Haroula Battista(1)
Haroula Battista
HonBSc, HOM, RP (Qualifying)
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Toronto, Mississauga and Caledon, ON
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Haroula Battista
HonBSc, HOM, RP (Qualifying)


With over 15 years of experience as a helping professional my commitment lies in guiding individuals towards mental and emotional well-being. I approach therapy with a holistic perspective, viewing each person as a systemic being shaped by their environment, relationships, and life experiences.

Central to my therapeutic philosophy is the belief in exploring the whole person. It is important to understand how individuals perceive and navigate the world, recognizing the impact of their family of origin on their present life.

My aim is to offer a secure space to my clients for transformative self-discovery, prioritizing your needs and goals. I adopt a client-centered approach with gentleness and an emphasis on strengths, instilling hope in the face of challenges. I am committed to helping you achieve sustainable change and navigate obstacles towards a brighter future. Seeking help is an act of bravery, and I am ready to guide you toward rediscovering your resilience in a compassionate, practical, non-judgmental way, supporting your overall well-being. My specialty lies in building trust, fostering curiosity, and providing a culturally sensitive experience.

I have been trained in a diverse set of therapeutic modalities, including CBT, Psychotherapy, Dialectic Behaviour Therapy, Adlerian therapy, Emotion-focused therapy, Solution-focused therapy, Humanistic approaches, Mindfulness, and Narrative therapy. This toolkit allows me to tailor your treatment plan to your unique needs, fostering a comprehensive and personalized therapeutic journey.

Whether grappling with individual challenges or seeking to improve interpersonal relationships, feel free to reach out. My practice encompasses both individual and couples therapy. I specialize in conflict resolution, enhancing communication skills, and cultivating a deeper level of respect and understanding among individuals.

My mantra is simple: “I hear you.” Together, we navigate through life situations that you find challenging, exploring how you respond to them in a healthy way, with the ultimate goal of positive change.

If you find yourself at a juncture where you wish to change something in your life, I encourage you to reach out. Our collaborative journey will focus on achieving your goals, fostering personal growth, and improving your overall well-being.

It would be an honour to assist you on your journey.

Telephone - (416) 803-4391
Community Focus:
Couples/Partners, Families, Men, Parents, Religious, Seniors, Teens, Women
ADD/ADHD, Anger, Anxiety, Body Image, Borderline, Break-Ups, Burnout/Stress, C-PTSD, Chronic Illness, Cult Abuse, Depression, Domestic Violence, Eating Issues, Family of Origin, Grief/Loss, Infertility, Intimacy/Sex, OCD, Palliative Support, Phobias, Post Partum, PTSD, Relationships, Self Esteem, Self Harm, Trauma
ACT, Attachment Focused, CBT, DBT, Emotion Focused, Existential, Mindfulness, Narrative, Relational, Solution Focused, Strengths Based, Trauma Informed
Languages Spoken:
English, Greek
* Available In-Person in Ontario
* Available Virtually (Online) in Ontario
(416) 803-4391
Toronto, Mississauga and Caledon, ON

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