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Joy Pekar
Joy Pekar
Registered Psychotherapist (qualifying)
Low Cost Rate
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Hamilton, ON
Currently Practicing
Online, In Person, Phone
Joy Pekar
Registered Psychotherapist (qualifying)


Are you struggling to adjust to a new reality, a chronic illness, a terminal illness diagnosis, infertility or pregnancy loss, a change in your family, profession, or home? Are you a caregiver for someone you love? Are you experiencing grief following the loss of a loved one? When the challenges in life feel overwhelming, it can help to talk with someone.

Going through my own journey as a caregiver to someone living with a chronic illness, it struck me how overwhelming it feels when so much is out of our control. Some circumstances can’t be changed. At that time in my life, I was hesitant about the idea of therapy. I am extremely analytical and didn’t see how therapy could help, but I decided to give it a try. I learned that therapy isn’t about “fixing”, but about discovering ways to make peace, and even find joy, in the face of unchangeable challenges. It’s not about taking pain away, but reducing suffering. These experiences in my life inspired me to begin a new career at a later stage in life. I feel great honour in walking alongside people during the most challenging steps of their journey. I work with adults of all ages, faiths, genders, and sexual orientations and am passionate about working with seniors and older adults, as well as people like I was, who aren’t sure if therapy is right for them.

Community Focus:
Disability, Men, Non-Binary, Polyamorous, Religious, Seniors, Spiritual, Trans-Specific, Women
Anxiety, ADD/ADHD, Anger, Burnout/Stress, Chronic Illness, Codependence, Depression, Grief/Loss, Infertility, Learning Disorder, Palliative Support, Phobias, Post Partum, Self Esteem
ACT, CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, Solution Focused, Spiritual, Strengths Based
Languages Spoken:
* Available In-Person in Ontario
* Available Virtually (Online) in Ontario
Hamilton, ON

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