Karen Okun
Karen Okun
Masters Level Student Intern
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Karen Okun
Masters Level Student Intern


Human suffering, whether universal or individual, benefits from a unified approach to mending.

Unique in your own right, yet not alone, let’s explore together how you can reset and regain what seems lost and uncertain at this time.

I’ll bring an easy sense of compassion, caring and encouragement. You bring yourself just as you are right now – only the effort it takes to arrive – and together we’ll discover where the gaps are, what’s missing, and what you’re hoping for. When you’re ready, you’ll start choosing the next steps for taking charge in your own life, and I’ll travel alongside you, listening carefully to what’s important for you at each turn, reminding you of your strengths and capacity for change in the face of each unsettling moment. Change can be scary, and we all have some dragons to slay, yet believing in yourself and taking the steps to make your life and relationships what you want them to be is within reach.

Together, we’ll look at what’s been in your way. Negative thoughts, beliefs, and social conditioning trapped inside you keep you stuck in patterns you’re trying to escape, inhibiting your capacity to live with purpose and meaning, freedom and joy. We’ll use kindness and self-compassion to understand where these obstacles come from, how they’ve helped you so far, and why it might be time for change. With each session, I’ll help you reconnect with the unique strengths and values that are the cornerstones of how you want to show up in your world. For me, this is a collaboration, but I can temporarily hold the reigns at times when you feel lost.

Experience and Training

I have a BA in psychology and I am currently completing my master’s in counselling. I have over 20 years of counselling experience supporting folks through many life transitions and specific issues. I enjoy individual and group work. My approach combines philosophies from east and west with a focus on a strong therapeutic connection, building safety, and clarifying your strengths. I include a trauma-informed perspective, which means understanding that your experiences sometimes stem from important historical or recent events that impact you, but don’t necessarily define you as a whole person. I bring an understanding of how neurobiology is deeply intertwined with our experiences and so can benefit our integrative healing.

Telephone - 604-371-4145
Community Focus:
Elders/Seniors, Men, Teens, Women
Anxiety, Break-Ups, Burnout/Stress, Depression, Grief/Loss, PTSD, Relationships
Emotion Focused, Mindfulness
Languages Spoken:
* Available In-Person in British Columbia
* Available Virtually (Online) in British Columbia
This Practitioner is Pre-Licensed - Talk to them about their approach to ensure their style, training, and experience are a good fit for you.
*This Practitioner is Pre-Licensed - Inquire about their training and experience to ensure a good fit.

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