Lindsey Hutchings
Lindsey Hutchings
Nurse Psychotherapist
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Lindsey Hutchings
Nurse Psychotherapist

Hi! I’m Lindsey, a Nurse Psychotherapist registered in the province of Ontario. I offer online counselling and psychotherapy services to youths and adults with mild to moderate mental health symptoms.

There are many reasons people seek counselling and psychotherapy.

Some had no one to model healthy relationship behaviours or appropriate ways of expressing their emotions. Some are looking to find a healthier way of being. Others are plagued by negative thoughts, low moods, or feel consumed by anger or fear. No matter what brings you to psychotherapy, you can expect to learn skills like reflection, grounding, mindfulness, and goal setting.

As a Registered Nurse, I belong to one of the regulated professions authorized to deliver the controlled act of psychotherapy. As a Nurse Psychotherapist, I aim to empower my clients to better manage life’s obstacles by equipping them with new skills and insights.

My clients can expect a thorough assessment to identify their primary symptoms with follow-up sessions focused on addressing their priority concerns through tailored skill building and learning about the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Before discharge, a plan will be developed to support the client’s life after counselling.

We will identify which interventions are right for you, whether you are dealing with troubling thoughts, self-destructive behaviours or emotional outbursts. Over time, you will take more control in leading our sessions as you gain skills and confidence in identifying your priorities and developing a plan to create the change you want.

Curious if my services are a good fit for your needs?

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Phone: 343-655-6699

Specialties & Experience

Anxiety, Borderline, C-PTSD, Childhood Abuse, Chronic Illness, Depression, Relationships, Self Esteem, Trauma
Couples/Partners, Families, Parents, Teens, Women

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* This Therapist provides Online Counselling in ​Ontario
* This Therapist is a Licensed Practitioner - Talk to your therapist about their approach to ensure their style, training, and experience are a good fit for you.
Online, Phone
*This Therapist is a Licensed Practitioner - Inquire about their training and experience to ensure a good fit.

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