Louise Cocchetto
Louise Cocchetto
RP (Qualifying)
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Louise Cocchetto
RP (Qualifying)

Life doesn’t always go the way we intended it to go, and just like you, I have had my share of experiences that made it hard to see a better future. Psychotherapy can help you see that you do not have to struggle with your issues alone. Through my training and my own experiences, I understand that although we may all experience anxiety or depression we all have unique life experiences. I understand the courage it takes to open up to someone, and I also understand the stigma around mental health struggles. So I want to remind you that I look upon you as a strong person for being here. When you become overwhelmed with negative feelings, I will remind you of the resilience you hold and the strengths you possess and have used throughout your life.

I hold a Hons. Degree in Psychology from the University of Windsor, and I am currently a student in the Masters of Counselling Psychology program at Yorkville University. I have been married for twenty years and have two children. One is biological, and the other is adopted. I have been through many life experiences, many of which have challenged me. Through therapy, I have been able to overcome and eventually celebrate those times. As a therapist, my approach is client-centred, meaning that you are the expert in your life. I will use various therapy techniques in therapy that work for you and your needs, with the main focus being empathy, respect and understanding. I would be privileged to work with you to reach your goals.

Phone: 519-982-4286

Specialties & Experience

Anxiety, Break-Ups, Depression, Grief/Loss, Self Esteem, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault, Trauma
LGBTQ+, New To Canada, Parents, Women
Narrative, Relational, Solution Focused, Somatic, Strengths Based, Trauma Informed

Languages Spoken

* This Therapist provides Online Counselling in ​Ontario
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*This Therapist is a Licensed Practitioner - Inquire about their training and experience to ensure a good fit.

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