Mark Mullkoff
Mark Mullkoff
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Mark Mullkoff


People encounter problems in their lives and come into relationship with them. Sometimes problems stay around longer than people would like – sometimes even long enough that they start to see themselves as the problem. My approach follows the narrative therapy practice of externalizing and examining problems so that we can reveal their histories, their impacts, and also the ways you have resisted their unwanted influence on your life. This approach focuses on the active role you play in pursuing the life that you want, as well as the people and things that support you in that pursuit.

Our relationships with problems are impacted by how we are positioned in our social and political cultures. These cultures offer ideas for how different types of people are supposed to live, but maybe those ideas don’t fit for you; or maybe those ideas worked for a while but now they are causing you problems.

What do these cultural ideas invite from you? How do these invitations benefit you? How do they restrain you? How do they impact your relationships? How do you turn down the invitations that do not align with the values you strive for? How do you choose your own path? I would love to offer a non-judgmental space to explore these questions together.

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Phone: 647-360-5385
Specialties & Experience
Addiction, Anger, Anxiety, Break-Ups, Depression, Domestic Violence, Grief/Loss, Relationships, Self Esteem, Self Harm, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault, Suicidality
BIPOC, Consumer Survivor, Kink Aware, LGBTQ+, Men, Partners/Couples, Polyamorous, Sex Work Positive, Teens
Anti-Oppressive, Narrative, Relational, Solution Focused, Strengths Based

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*This Therapist is a Licensed Practitioner

* Inquire about Online Availability in your Province