Rosalyn Fleites Garcia(2)
Rosalyn Fleites Garcia
RP (Qualifying), therapist in training
Low Cost Rate
$60 +HST
Sliding Scale
$60-$90 +HST
Currently Practicing
Rosalyn Fleites Garcia
RP (Qualifying), therapist in training


Investing in your mental health can be the first step to long-lasting and profound wellbeing, but getting started may be challenging. As a Latina, I understand how culture and intersectional identity can influence mental health and the ability to engage with it. Stepping into your truth can be the answer you need to live more authentically and achieve better connections, with yourself and others.

Growing up steeped in certain cultures makes it challenging for many of us to recognize and communicate our wants, needs, and aspirations. This leads to issues like emotional distress, problems with boundary setting, perfectionism, people pleasing, difficulty with assertiveness, resentment, personal and/or professional burnout, or identity struggles. Coupled with the fact that we live in a society that tends to value individuality over community, it may leave you struggling to find solutions that feel congruent with your values. As a Qualifying Registered Psychotherapist, my goal is to empower you to seek out solutions that are consistent with your lived experience and intersectional identity.

Working with a Relational Cultural Therapy mindset, I believe in the power of connection, community, and mutuality as powerful forces in the relational issues we face throughout our lives. I will approach your needs with compassion, empathy, a trauma-informed lens, and cultural sensitivity as you deepen your commitment to living as your authentic self. This means I will make space for the cultural and systemic forces that influence your wellbeing, trauma experiences, coping strategies, and relationship dynamics. If this resonates with, you then feel free to contact me for a consultation.  

Therapist in training (supervised):  $60-$90 + HST


Community Focus:
Women, BIPOC, New To Canada, Parents
Anxiety, Body Image, Burnout/Stress, Childhood Abuse, Codependence, Depression, Family of Origin, Grief/Loss, Palliative Support, Relationships, Self Esteem, Trauma
Strengths Based, ACT, Anti-Oppressive, Attachment Focused, CBT, DBT, Existential, Inner Child Work, Mindfulness, Narrative, Solution Focused, Trauma Informed
Languages Spoken:
English, Spanish
* Available Virtually (Online) in Ontario
This Practitioner is Registered - Talk to them about their approach to ensure their style, training, and experience are a good fit for you.
*This Practitioner is Registered - Inquire about their training and experience to ensure a good fit.

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