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200 Matheson Blvd. W Suite 104 , Mississauga , Ontario L5R- 3L7
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Tatiana Cabral
Therapist in Training


My name is Tatiana Cabral. I am the owner and founder of InTouch Counselling Services. I am a member of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association. I am also Coordinator for Obesity Support Services at Ontario Heroes . I am currently a Student Therapist / Therapist in Training and I am also a Certified Coach Practitioner. I work in private practice in Mississauga, Ontario. I completed an Existential Integrative Psychotherapy Based program at The Living Institute. I am currently enrolled in an Expressive Arts Therapy Training program . I am truly passionate about helping you reach your own highest potential. I seek to live my life full of purpose and want my clients to attain the same by exploring and looking at their life’s unique story and help them reclaim freedom from obstacles that may be in the way of them becoming who they desire and want to become.

My journey started in my early 20s as I opened to explore behaviors and beliefs that were negatively affecting and impacting my life. During this time, I was introduced to the idea of helping others through counselling, which began the deep process of uncovering those aspects that blocked my potential, my authenticity and living a more meaningful life. In addition to diving deeply into the path of counselling and internal self-reflection, the aspect of soul and essence became part of my path into a deeper understanding with myself.

My calling to work in the field of counselling and my interest in psychotherapy was motivated by my own life experience which led me to explore the workings of human behavior, emotions and mind. My motivation is greatly inspired in part by my own fruitful journey towards self-awareness. I can certainly empathize with all your fears, anxieties, insecurities, inner pains, struggles etc. One thing I know for certain is that I am entirely committed to help you attain the freedom from the struggles of day to day difficulties and you do not have to do it alone. If you have not received this support before allow me to be the first. I look forward to the opportunity to step into your life and see you blossom.

This quest opened me up to a level of internal self-reflection that was crucial to unlocking my authenticity, soul and self-empowerment. This was the initiation of my desire to help others awaken to their own authentic, empowered selves to live more meaningful lives. This exploration fascinated me and continues today. Life is a mystery and a continuous ongoing and unfolding exploration. My aim is to create a safe environment where you can share and dive into self-discovery, uncover and embrace all aspects of yourself. I will guide, support, encourage and even nudge you on your journey of self-exploration to help you discover more of you and hence a more meaningful life, one of self- acceptance, self-empowerment and more well-being……. A life of deeper connection and alignment to your essence self…… a life where your choices are aligned with your inner guidance!

Sessions offered in : English, Portuguese & Spanish

Telephone - 416-262-2900
Community Focus:
Children, Couples/Partners, Disability, Families, LGBTQ+, Men, New To Canada, Parents, Seniors, Spiritual, Teens, Women
Anger, ADD/ADHD, Body Image, Break-Ups, Burnout/Stress, Chronic Illness, Codependence, Depression, Domestic Violence, Eating Issues, Family of Origin, Grief/Loss, Relationships, Self Esteem, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault
CBT, Attachment Focused, DBT, Emotion Focused, Existential, Inner Child Work, Mindfulness, Narrative, Psychoanalytic, Relational, Solution Focused, Somatic, Spiritual, Strengths Based
Languages Spoken:
English, Portuguese, Spanish
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200 Matheson Blvd. W Suite 104 , Mississauga , Ontario L5R- 3L7

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