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Ty Steele
B.A (Psychology), B.S.W, Qualifying M.S.W
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Ty Steele
B.A (Psychology), B.S.W, Qualifying M.S.W


It can be incredibly difficult to decide who you can entrust your struggles with, especially when suffering day in and day out. Finding the right professional can be the first step towards becoming the person you want to become. With degrees in psychology and social work, as well as my master’s level education, I offer a balanced approach to treatment. Because of my education, I consider you, your environment, and even societal influences that impact you today.

My therapeutic approach is rooted in the belief that what society labels as “disorders,” or “incompetency” are, in fact, competencies within certain environments. I guide clients to develop a deeper understanding of human biology and natural responses to matters like fear, anxiety, trauma, and stress. This understanding empowers us to recognize that the choices we make every day are rational, despite our previous beliefs.

With an understanding of our biology and body, we can develop an understanding of ourselves and begin processing all that has happened in our lives. We can then achieve greater awareness of ourselves and feel capable of handling adversity.

My expertise extends to athlete mental health, a field that requires unique understanding and support. Additionally, I can align therapy with faith/religion/spirituality, but only if requested. My commitment is to meet you where you are and work diligently with you to help you rediscover your sense of self.

Contact Me - thsteele@lakeheadu.ca
Community Focus:
Women, Children, Families, Men, Parents, Religious, Spiritual, Teens
Anxiety, Anger, Body Image, Break-Ups, Burnout/Stress, Childhood Abuse, Codependence, Depression, Family of Origin, PTSD, Self Esteem, Trauma
Trauma Informed, CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, Spiritual, Strengths Based
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