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Find Affordable In-Person & Online Therapy in Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Halifax, Calgary, Ottawa, Regina, Montreal, Edmonton, Saskatoon, and Beyond.
All Listed Therapists Offer Sliding Scale Rates To Those Who Cannot Easily Access Standard Therapy Fees.

In-Person & Online Therapy in Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Halifax, Ottawa and more...
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Canada's Low Cost Therapist Directory

 Low-Cost Rates Of $65 Or Less For Those Experiencing Financial Difficulty

We understand that $65 is inaccessible for many.  

Several of our listed intern therapists are able to provide lower cost fees, including some pro-bono and pay-what-you-can options.

Sliding Scale Rates For Those Who Don’t Require Low-Cost Rates

Approximately $70-$120 and varies between individual practitioners. 

Therapists listed with us work independently and set their own rates based on a variety of factors.  Feel free to reach out to the them to chat about their fees & availability.

Free Consultations – Find The Best Fit For You

Finding the right fit matters. It’s important that you are able to thoroughly assess your options without making a financial commitment.

The vast majority of ATN therapists provide a free consultations.


Our aim and Mission:

Serving The Community

The community we aim to serve are those who, for various reasons, cannot pay standard rates but would really like someone to talk to.  While our home base is in Toronto, Ontario, therapists are available all across Canada.

Sliding scale services aren’t new, but knowing where to find them isn’t always easy – and it’s also not easy for those who need these services, to ask for them.

When a person is ready to seek out the support of a therapist, the process can be intimidating.  We aim to make that process easier.

Access To Quality Care

The level of sensitivity, extensive training, and skill involved is reflective of the value of counselling and therapy services.

While this is so, many providers recognize that not everyone is able to pay standard fees and offer a reduced rate (sliding scale) to a limited number of clients in need.

 We invite you to contact one the practitioners.  They will be more than happy to talk with you about your needs and determine an plan that works for you both.

More & Better Options

A secondary aim of this initiative is to provide affordable options for those who do not want to go through publicly funded organizations. 

The process required to access support can be long and daunting.  This often results in people not getting help or in having their options greatly limited.

By providing a visible and accessible directory of therapists  who provide reduced rates, we aim to provide more options and choice to a community in need.

an initiative to increase access to Mental Health Supports across Canada

While many of our therapists are based in Toronto and across Ontario, we’ve expanded over the years and now have therapists available in Hamilton, Ottawa, Halifax, Vancouver, Barrie, Oshawa, Saint John, Montreal, Calgary, and many other cities and towns. 

We have online therapists available in ALL PROVINCES across Canada.

We are grateful to our listed therapists for providing affordable therapy options so that more people can access the support they need.  Please reach out if you need someone to talk to, and share this with your friends and loved ones who might benefit from these services.


If you are a Counsellor/Therapist who provides in-person or online therapy in Canada, we welcome you to join the ATN Therapist Directory.

Read about how to List With Us to get started.

Who We Are

ATN is a community of independent therapists who offer Low Cost and Sliding Scale rates so that more people across Canada can access the support they need.

The development of this project has been an ongoing collaboration with service users, peers, and professionals across Canada.  We started as a small, local, grassroots project with a small number of therapists listed in Toronto, and have grown a lot since then!

Thanks to our many caring therapists and team collaborators, tens of thousands of people across Canada have been able to access support they can afford.