Affordable Counselling

Find Affordable, Low-Cost, Sliding Scale Therapy & Counselling in Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Halifax, Calgary, Ottawa, Regina, Montreal, Edmonton, Saskatoon, and Beyond.
All Listed Therapists Offer Sliding Scale Rates To Those Who Cannot Easily Access Standard Therapy Fees.

Find Affordable, Low-Cost, Sliding Scale Therapy & Counselling Anywhere In Canada.

An initiative to increase access to Mental Health services across Canada

Our Listed Therapists and Counsellors provide Affordable Counselling in Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, Winnipeg, Calgary, Ottawa, Regina, Montreal, Edmonton, saskatoon, and anywhere in canada.

We aim to make support affordable for everyone.

Therapists Listed With Affordable Therapy Network Offer:


Many listed therapists offer sessions at a low-cost rate ranging between $50- $65 to support those experiencing financial difficulty.


All listed therapists offer sliding scale rates for those who don’t require the low-cost rate, but cannot access standard therapy fees.  These generally range between $70-$120, and varies between individual therapists.


For those who can pay standard rates, you are helping our therapists provide more options to those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to access support.

About Sliding Scale Services

The level of sensitivity, training, and skill involved is reflective of the value of therapeutic services.

While this is so, many providers recognize that not everyone is able to pay standard fees and offer a reduced rate (sliding scale) to a limited number of clients in need.

 We invite you to contact one of the practitioners listed.  They will be more than happy to talk with you about your needs and determine a plan that will work for both of you.

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Serving The Community

The community we aim to serve are those who, for various reasons, cannot pay standard rates but would really like someone to talk to.

While many therapists offer a sliding scale, knowing where to find them is not easy and it’s not always comfortable for those seeking these services to ask for them. 

When a person is ready, the process of finding a therapist can be intimidating.  We aim to make that process easier.

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Providing Options

A secondary aim of this initiative is to provide options for those who do not want to go through publicly funded organizations. 

The process required to utilize such services can be long and daunting, which often results in people not getting support or in having their options greatly limited.

By providing a visible and accessible resource of therapists and other support services at reduced rates, we aim to provide more options and choice to a community in need.

The Affordable Therapy Network is an initiative to Increase Access to Affordable Therapy and Counselling Services across Canada.

We are actively growing our list of Therapists across Canada.

If you are a Counsellor, Therapist, or Mental Health Professional interested in joining the initiative, we would love to hear from you.

Read about how to List With Us to get started.

Who We Are

The Affordable Therapy Network was founded in 2016 to help increase access to affordable counselling in Toronto.  We have now expanded and reach folks from all across Canada! 

The development of the project has been an ongoing collaboration with service users, peers, and professionals.  We started as a Grassroots initiative with a small number of therapists listed, and have grown a lot since then. Thanks to our awesome therapists, many more people are able to access support they can afford.

We take user feedback to heart and continuously strive to make the Network as accessible and relevant as possible.  We welcome your ideas, so feel free to reach out.

Feedback and Inquiries:

Katie McCowan, RSSW
Founder, Director


For Counsellors, Therapists, or Mental Health Professionals interested in joining the initiative, please read about how to List With Us!

Thank you!