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Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) is one of the least affordable psychological treatments that is in the highest demand across Canada.  We want high quality DBT services to be more accessible and affordable.

There is evidence that DBT skills training alone is an effective treatment for a variety of mental health challenges.  Midtown DBT has expanded to offer 4 programs:

– DBT Skills for Adults (called DBT Foundations) 

– Multi-family DBT skills group for adolescents and parents

– LGBTQ+ Affirming DBT Skills group

– DBT Skills program for new parents

 Most groups are $40/session. 

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DBT Virtual is an online Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) clinic providing online DBT throughout multiple Canadian provinces, including Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Nova Scotia. At DBT Virtual we’re on a mission to increase access to DBT services to support those who have challenges in regulating intense emotions and experience interpersonal struggles. Our sliding scale rate of $50/session includes your enrollment in our DBT Skills Group programs, along with exclusive access to DBT resources and educational videos designed by our DBT experts to support your skills practice. Our free and low cost DBT services include:
  • DBT Skills Groups for Adults: DBT groups for adults (18+).
  • DBT Skills Groups for Adolescents: DBT groups for adolescents (ages 13-17).
  • Advanced DBT Skills Groups: For adults who have previously completed a DBT program and are looking to learn new skills and solidify their use of the essential skills in DBT.
  • Free DBT Skills Webinars: Led by our team of highly trained DBT therapists, each session will provide an introduction to a new DBT skill intended to help participants gain better emotion control, improve relationships, and increase overall well-being — all for free!
  • Free DBT Skills Coaching Tool: Skills-focused prompts to coach you through problem solving and coping when you are going through a difficult moment and experiencing strong emotions.
  • The DBT Skills Daily Journal: Combines the popular method of guided journaling with dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) skills-building to offer an incredibly accessible program for transforming your negative thoughts and intense emotions.
Visit or email for more details or to register.

Kristina Katsoras

Registered Psychotherapist

Breaking Intergenerational Trauma – Parenting Group

This workshop is for you if you are a parent who survived an abusive or difficult childhood and you would like something better for your own children. 

In this group you’ll find supportive community and a place to be heard and to connect. You will be able to be open about challenges in parenting with people who understand.

We aim to be warm, engaging, supportive, embodied, playful, loving, and to include practical strategies for parenting. 

This workshop will be geared toward the unique challenges of group members.

  • Winter 2024
  • $450 for 6 sessions, 90 mins each
  • Sliding scale available
  • Dates/times will be based on the best times for the majority of group participants

Reach Out:

I’m a teacher, psychotherapist, parent, and survivor of childhood trauma. It’s my life’s work to support children to feel safe and loved and to support parents to create loving and safe experiences for their own children.

No matter what you’re struggling with in parenting, I have space to sit beside you with patience, care, support, presence, and practical ideas. We will gear the topics covered to the specific needs of group members.

I so look forward to working with you. 

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Stacey Reilly

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I have a strong belief that talking about our difficulties will release trauma from our brain and moving our bodies in specific ways will release trauma from our bodies.  

Join us for a weekly body releasing session

Each session will focus on calming the nervous system to better enable the release of trauma and stress. To calm the nervous system, we will practice breath work and gentle movement.  A body scan will complete the movement practice, this will give us an opportunity to check in with ourselves.  Guided journaling and affirmations will help us end the session, encouraging self-exploration, positive thoughts and feelings. 

Typical class schedule:

  • 6:45pm-6:50pm greetings and facilitator introduction
  • 6:50pm-7pm breath work 
  • 7pm-8pm movement practice 
  • 8pm-8:15pm guided journaling and affirmation cards

Group meets every Tuesday at 6:45pm-8:15pm via Zoom

Some guidelines to remember:

  • This is a nonjudgmental supportive environment that fosters inclusivity for all 
  • Participants can join the session with cameras off 

Cost of group: $30 per session or $100 for 4 sessions

To register or questions:

Stacey Reilly has combined her 2 passions-social work and yoga! Stacey is a social worker with more than 15 years of experience working with women affected by trauma, abuse and mental health. Stacey obtained her yoga teacher training certificate in 2019 and learned the therapeutic benefits of bringing social work and yoga together. 

Come to the group feeling tight and stressed, leave feeling light and breezy                               

Somatic (Body Movement) Psychotherapy Group

Somatic therapy is a form of “body-centered” therapeutic approach which focus on the physical responses which occur in the body due to Trauma, Anxiety or Depression. It’s helps people overcome symptoms tied to trauma it may allow someone to become “unstuck” in the fight, flight or freeze response by releasing pent- up energy and to better cope with difficult bodily sensations, supressed emotions and can bring you into the present moment.

The principles behind somatic therapy: The mind and body are connected, so whatever is felt in the mind is thought to also show up in the body.

Somatic therapy involves clients working on feeling physical sensations in the body that are tied to past traumatic events, rather than only thinking through the events and emotions that were felt. The purpose is to access the body memory of the event, not the story itself. We do this through movements, journaling, meditation and artwork.

When : Every Friday 7pm – 8:15pm EST

Where : Online via zoom

Who : Every one 18+ is welcome

Cost : $400 for 8 sessions

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That’s all we have for now!

Check back soon to see what new offerings we have coming up 🙂

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