Affordable Therapy Ottawa

Affordable Therapy Ottawa

More Places to Find Low Cost Therapy in Ottawa

The Affordable Therapy Network was created to help bridge a gap in the accessibility of Therapeutic Services across Canada. 

Unfortunately, counselling is out of reach to many due to cost  Therapists who list their services with us dedicate a certain number of spots in their practice for those who would really like someone to talk to, but require lower cost services or reduced rates.

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Below are some other options we found for accessing affordable and low cost Counselling.


Center for Interpersonal Relationships – Students in Training, Fee: please inquire


The following Student Clinics are located in Toronto, however you may be able to find a therapist to work with Online:

Gestalt Institute of Toronto’s Student Clinic – Students In Training, Fee: $40

Toronto Institute of Relational Therapy – Students In Training, Fee: $25-$80

The Create Institute – Students In Training, Fee: $40



The following organizations are located in Toronto, however you may be able to find a therapist to work with online:

Hard Feelings – Lower Cost Therapists / Social Enterprise, Fee: $60-$80


We are still building this list! 

If you know of an organization where folks can access therapy at reduced cost, please let us know so we can add it 🙂


Who We Are

The Affordable Therapy Network was founded by Social Service Worker, Katie McCowan, in 2016 out of Toronto, Ontario, to help bridge a gap in Mental Health Care accessibility. The development of the project has been an ongoing a collaboration with service users, peers, and professionals.

We started as a Grassroots initiative with a small number of therapists listed across Toronto, and have grown a lot since then! 

We take user feedback to heart and continuously strive to make the Network as accessible and relevant as possible.  We welcome your feedback.

Feedback and Inquiries:

Katie McCowan, RSSW
Founder, Director