How Much Does Therapy Cost in Toronto?

How Much Does Therapy Cost In Toronto, ON?

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How Much Does Therapy Cost in Toronto?

The average cost of therapy in Toronto, or anywhere in Canada, is a range between $125-$225 per hour.

Psychotherapy is a regulated profession and therapists adhere to industry standards.  HST is sometimes applicable depending on which Regulatory College your therapist belongs to.

Whether you live in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, or smaller cities such as Halifax or Saint John, you will find the costs comparable.

Why Is Therapy So Expensive?

Therapists complete many years of training and supervision in order to become registered. Regulatory Colleges such as the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers and the College of Regulated Psychotherapists have strict standards that therapists must adhere to.

In addition to the extensive training involved, there are many other costs to maintaining a therapy practice. These include licensing fees, supervision fees, additional training and professional development fees, office fees, administration fees, and insurance fees. 

On top of the hour that therapists spend with their clients, they are also responsible for maintaining case notes, attending supervision, scheduling and administration, completing research on their clients behalf, finding resources for clients, and more.

How Can I Get Free Therapy in Toronto?

Free therapy options are sometimes provided by Therapist Interns working under the supervision of a Registered Therapist. 

Most interns charge a fee that is much lower than industry standard ($40-$70) in order to cover the costs of their supervision, but many keep a few pro-bono spots available for clients in need.

In Ontario, Government funded programs are available to marginalized communities in need.  There are also programs such as MindBeacon and LifeWorks which generally don’t provide traditional one-on-one support, but instead connect you with a therapist-guided program.

In some cases, you can find OHIP covered therapy with a Psychiatrist, Social Worker, programs such as CAMH.  You will need a referral from your doctor and there is often a wait-list for these services.

What is Sliding Scale Therapy?

Many therapists recognize that not everyone is able to afford standard fees and so offer a reduced rate (sliding scale) to a limited number of clients in need.

The amount that a person pays is usually determined by variety of factors including income, dependents, debt, and other factors that influence a persons ability to pay.

Generally, the sliding scale rate is approximately 50% – %75 of the therapists standard rate.

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