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Christina Niven
MA (cand), Graduate Intern Therapist
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First session is free
First session is free
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Christina Niven
MA (cand), Graduate Intern Therapist


Your first session with me is free of charge. My warm welcome to your healing journey. Whether you’re navigating life transitions, managing anxiety or depression, healing from past trauma, seeking to discover and embrace your true, authentic self, or wanting to enhance your overall well-being – I’m here to support you every step of the way. I’m Christina Niven, a dedicated and empathetic Graduate Intern Therapist with The Sereda Psychotherapy Group. I have years of experience as a long-time yoga therapist and teacher, somatic experiencing practitioner, breathwork facilitator and practitioner in yoga, meditation and earth-based healing.

I believe that humans have an innate capacity for healing, growth and transformation, and my role is to help facilitate that process. I use holistic, person-centred and feminist approaches that include talk therapy, somatic awareness and mindfulness. My goal is to empower you to overcome obstacles, develop healthier coping strategies and foster a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself. My passion lies in guiding clients towards their true potential, fostering resilience and cultivating their inner strength. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together. *(I have additional areas of focus with body-image, sexuality and gender questioning, self-acceptance concerns and aging)

To make this process as accessible as possible, I offer your first session completely free of charge – you can access our secure system registration page, to set up your account and book your complimentary first session directly into my calendar. However, if you have questions to ask before you get started I also offer a free 15 minute phone or video consultation to all potential new clients. 

Be if for your complimentary first session or a free 15 minute chat – I look forward to chatting about the bright and fulfilling future that is waiting for you. 

Community Focus:
LGBTQ+, Non-Binary, Spiritual, Trans-Specific, Women
Anxiety, Body Image, Burnout/Stress, C-PTSD, Codependence, Depression, Grief/Loss, PTSD, Self Esteem, Trauma
ACT, Existential, Gestalt, IFS, Mindfulness, Narrative, Psychedelic Integration, Solution Focused, Somatic, Spiritual, Strengths Based, Trauma Informed
Languages Spoken:
* Available Virtually (Online) in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, NorthWest Territories, Nunavut, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Yukon

* Talk to your therapist about their approach, training, credentials, and experience to ensure the best fit for your needs.

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