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Lee Eames
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Lee Eames
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I believe we all have an innate capacity to heal and grow. I also know how fixed things can feel, particularly with old wounds and patterns. In therapy, I will support you to have new awareness and experience that expand the possibilities in your life. From my perspective, even the most unwanted and stuck places represent your best attempt to adapt to challenging life circumstances. Together we can cultivate novel circumstances that support your continued development. I work primarily with younger adults (16-30) struggling with anxiety (social and alone), addictive behavior, low self-esteem, and relationship struggles.

I practice gestalt therapy, a flexible method oriented towards providing you with novel insights and experiences. In this approach, your past and present relationships, interests and aspirations, physical and emotional sensations (etc) are all potentially relevant. Most basically, I offer a place to be met with curiosity, care, and honesty.

My particular style reflects my personality and life experience. I am warm, playful, and direct. I’ve struggled from a young age with shame, anxiety, and existential angst, yearned for relief, and tried many things. Please reach out for a consulation to explore whether we are a good fit.

Contact Me - leames@gestaltmail.ca
Addiction, Anger, Anxiety, Body Image, Break-Ups, Burnout/Stress, Childhood Abuse, Depression, Grief/Loss, Intimacy/Sex, Relationships, Self Esteem, Self Harm, Suicidality, Trauma
Emotion Focused, Existential, Gestalt, Relational, Somatic, Spiritual, Trauma Informed
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489 College Street

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